Welcome to TRADMAR

TRADMAR was founded in 1978. Established in response to request from potential Shipping Industry Partners. It was determined from inception that would be a Company with difference. Having long experience in both Chartering and operation functions of Shipping Industry we resolved that the keystone of our corporate strategy would be "Service flexibility". Customers services is, and will continue to be of paramount importance to TRADMAR, through all the years of serving its customers as Shipowners, Agents, Shipmanagers. TRADMAR has provided eligible proof in a variety of ways of its innovative ability. In recent years, it has won the recognition of many Traders, Charterers, Shipping Companies, including those of Eastern Europe, which consider it to be the best company to represent their interests in Greece. Today, TRADMAR GROUP is a well-established Shipping Company manned by professionals and active in all Greek Ports with branches in the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala, Alexandraupolis, Volos, Achladi, Corinth, Kalamaki, Pylos, Kalamata. It attends in excess of 200 port calls and charter over 250 vessels for the needs of its customers (major Charterers and Traders).

The Team is fully supported by our own extensive database containing over eight thousand Ship-positions world-wide enabling rapid discreet solutions in tracing the suitable vessel or cargo. The leading Greek and foreign Shipowners and International Traders keep us informed as to the availability of ships & cargoes world-wide, thus allowing us to optimize the Relationship between Shipowners & Charterers. TRADMAR is asked every year to undertake a significant number of contracts. They include commodities such as Grains, Coal, Cement, Fertilizers, Timber and Citrus to Eastern Block Countries. Cargoes range from single Shipments, to multi Shipments programs.
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